Orchard Worker New Zealand

  • Full Time
  • Kumeu, Auckland
  • Posted 2 months ago
  • $23 to $25 per hour USD / Year

Orchard Worker New Zealand. Posts have been announced by the Company “F Boric and Sons Ltd” based in Kumeu, Auckland. Moreover, you can apply for these posts on or before  05 April, 2024. More so, these jobs are verified by Jobseek New Zealand.

Working as an orchard worker in New Zealand is a hands-on and rewarding experience, contributing to the country’s thriving horticulture industry. Orchard workers are involved in various tasks such as planting, pruning, harvesting, and packing fruits like apples, kiwifruits, and berries. The role requires physical stamina, as it often involves outdoor labor in different weather conditions. While formal education is not always a prerequisite, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently within a team are highly valued traits.

Seasonal employment opportunities are common, particularly during peak harvest times. New Zealand’s orchard industry provides a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with nature, gain practical agricultural experience, and contribute to the production of high-quality fruits that the country is renowned for globally.


$23 to $25 per hour

Required Qualities, Qualifications, Skills, etc.

  • Qualifications and experience for an Orchard Worker position in New Zealand can vary, but most roles do not require formal education.
  • Physical fitness and the ability to perform manual labor are crucial, given the nature of the work, which often involves activities like planting, pruning, and harvesting.
  • While formal education may not be mandatory, relevant training or certifications in horticulture or agriculture can be beneficial.
  • Familiarity with the specific fruits grown in New Zealand, such as apples, kiwifruits, or berries, can also be an asset.
  • Overall, a combination of practical skills, relevant experience, and a positive attitude towards physical and outdoor work can make one well-suited for a role as an Orchard Worker in New Zealand.


  • Extra pay for the Christmas holidays.
  • Supportive team.
  • Public holidays. 

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