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Meat Cutter Jobs in Canada. 02 posts have been announced by the Company “Walia Foods” which is based in Suite # 39, 8236 128 Street Surrey, BC, Canada. Moreover, you can apply for these posts on or before 25 March 2023. More so, these jobs are verified by job bank Canada. 

Meat cutter jobs are an essential part of the Canadian food industry. A meat cutter’s primary role is to cut, trim, and prepare various cuts of meat for sale in grocery stores, restaurants, and other food service establishments. Meat cutters in Canada must adhere to strict safety regulations and use specialized equipment such as knives, saws, and grinders to perform their duties.

Many grocery stores and food service establishments require the services of skilled meat cutters to prepare meat products for sale. Meat cutters can also work in specialty meat shops or butcher shops, where they may be responsible for making sausages, curing meat, and preparing other specialty meat products. In addition to technical skills, successful meat cutters in Canada must have good communication and customer service skills, as they often interact with customers and may be asked to make recommendations on meat cuts or preparation methods.


$27.00 hours 40 hours per week.

Required Qualities, Qualifications, Skills, etc.

  • English Language.
  • Secondary School Graduation Certificate.
  • One year experience.


  • Competitive salary: Meat cutters in Canada typically earn a competitive salary, with the average hourly wage ranging from $16 to $28 depending on experience and location.
  • Health and dental benefits: Many employers offer health and dental benefits to full-time meat cutters, which can include coverage for prescription drugs, dental work, and vision care.

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