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 A Thriving Opportunity Awaits: Become a Factory Worker at INNOLUX Corporation

INNOLUX Corporation, a pioneer in the display technology industry, is seeking dedicated individuals like you to join their team as Factory Workers. This is your chance to be part of a dynamic and innovative company, play a key role in the creation of cutting-edge products, and build a fulfilling career in a thriving industry. 60 Factory worker jobs in Taiwan in 2024

Step into the Heart of Production:

Factory worker jobs in Taiwan, you will be directly involved in the heart of INNOLUX’s manufacturing process. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Operating machinery: You will gain hands-on experience using advanced technology and equipment, playing a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of production lines.
  • Performing manual tasks: Assemble, pack, and ensure quality – that’s your mission!
  • Inspection and packing: Your keen eye for detail will be vital in meticulously inspecting products for any defects and packing them securely for shipment.
  • Maintaining a safe environment: Safety first! Keep the workplace safe with us.

Beyond the Basics:

This role goes beyond just fulfilling tasks. You will:

  • Work independently: You will be entrusted with individual responsibilities, allowing you to demonstrate your initiative and problem-solving skills.
  • Collaborate effectively: Team up for success! Achieve goals and maximize efficiency with us..
  • Embrace continuous learning: INNOLUX offers a culture of continuous learning and development, providing opportunities to acquire new skills and enhance your expertise.
  • Contribute to innovation: Innovate with us! Build the future of display technology.

No Experience? No Problem:

INNOLUX recognizes the potential in individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. This opportunity is open to candidates with a vocational diploma or short course certificate, regardless of prior work experience. Attention to detail, commitment to quality, and a love for learning? You can thrive here!

A Rewarding Career Path:

Joining INNOLUX as a Factory Worker is more than just a job; it’s the beginning of a rewarding career journey.

  • Competitive salary and benefits: INNOLUX recognizes and rewards its employees with a comprehensive package that includes competitive salary, health insurance, and also other valuable benefits.
  • Growth opportunities: As you gain experience and demonstrate your skills, you will have the opportunity to advance within the company and take on more challenging roles.
  • Positive work environment: INNOLUX fosters a culture of collaboration, support, and respect, ensuring that you feel valued and appreciated as part of the team.
  • Be part of a global leader: You will have the privilege of working for a company that is at the forefront of the display technology industry, contributing to its global success.

How to apply for Factory worker jobs in Taiwan

Ready for a rewarding career with a company that values you? Join us! Apply now if you’re driven, dedicated, and eager to learn! Be part of a thriving industry and build a future filled with possibilities! APPLY UNTIL MAY 18, 2024

Apply here: G/F & 2/F Accent Tower Bldg. GP Shorthorn Bahay Toro Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines.

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