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58+ free Tesda Online Courses in 2022 The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, or TESDA, is a Philippine government body that oversees and manages technical education and vocational skills training.
The Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994, signed by President Fidel Ramos on August 25, 1994, formed TESDA. Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad wrote it after that.

The TESDA program’s goal is to coordinate skill development in the public and private sectors to avoid overlap.

The TESDA program’s goal is to coordinate skill development in the public and private sectors to avoid overlap.

Skilled labour workers are in high demand in the Philippines and internationally, with a persistent scarcity. As a result, free vocational and skills training is an excellent idea for all Filipinos, both at home and abroad. Prior to 2016, however, the TESDA programme was only available in a few locations in the Philippines and nowhere else in the world.

There are 7,641 islands in the Philippines, and over 2 million Filipinos work abroad. Many people who want to join in TESDA for free can’t because they live too far away.

Today, every Filipino with access to the internet can take advantage of the free TESDA course online programme, which provides chances for training and skill development. They can currently enrol in over 40 courses through the online programme without having to pay any tuition costs.

TESDA Online Program Benefits The most significant advantage of an online education is its convenience. You can access it from anywhere in the globe as long as there is an Internet connection. Anyone with a full-time work or who is still enrolled in school can take the courses at their own speed and on their own schedule.

This means that anyone in the Philippines who wants to improve their vocational or technical abilities can profit.


The national certificate issued following successful completion of a TESDA course is the finest thing about attending a TESDA course in terms of job chances. Even if they complete the course, participants in online courses are not immediately qualified for the national certificate.

To obtain certification, they must still visit a TESDA assessment centre, take the face-to-face testing, and pass it. To ensure that you pass the exam, you must prepare for the evaluation. You can use this self-assessment tool to ensure that you will succeed.

How to enroll Tesda Free

Enrolling in a TESDA online course is simple. The first step is to register an account on this site. Complete the forms to the best of your ability, then click “Create my new account.” A confirmation email will be sent to you after you have successfully created an account.


After you log in to your account, you can enrol in any course by clicking on that link. Choose a course from the list and a module from the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to a page that explains what you’ll study in the selected module.

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